Getting Started

Glory to Jesus Christ!

It is Great and Holy Friday, the day we commemorate the suffering and death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I decided to start writing this blog some time ago in order to share the experiences of a Greek Catholic family that is trying to live out our faith as best we can without an established community.  There are many Greek Catholics and other Eastern Catholics who do not have a community of their own.  At the beginning of the Church year 7523 (that is, September 2014), a small group of Greek Catholics in dispersion in east central Iowa started meeting together once a week in West Liberty, Iowa.  This blog is to help document the experience, as well as to share my thoughts.

The catalyst for starting the blog is really another blog, Every Home a Monastery and a couple of others.  Also, the experiences of this Holy Week also prompted me to put something out in the internet ether.  I hope that at some point, somebody gets something useful or, by the activity of the Holy Spirit, something inspirational or valuable.

Go with God,



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